PYROPAK® 2 Component Powders come in 2 separate containers, the ‘A’ Bottle, and the ‘B’ Bottle. The contents of the ‘A’ Bottle are poured into the ‘B’ bottle, which is then recapped, and mixed gently but thoroughly. Once mixed, the chemical composition inside the bottle becomes a pyrotechnic powder.

(A Type 19 or 20 BATFE license in the name of the person or organization using the 2 component powder in the United States is required.)

Ultratec warrants its powders to perform to specifications only when using our BGZD match. The BGZD match was designed to burn hotter and longer to ensure a complete burn of our powders. As a result they maximize the performance of all the different powders we provide. Using an inferior match not only voids our product warranty but may also result in diminished performance, incomplete burn, and additional fallout.

Our BGZD matches are available in straight or coiled leads of various lengths and in a three drop harness.

Be sure to include our BGZD match in your next powder order!