Kleen Skybursts(TM)- - 50mm

Our 50mm Kleen Skybursts™ (patent pending) use a patented Low Smoke Lift™ system that reduces lift smoke by up to 90%. The innovative Kleen Skybursts™ produce no debris or fall out during lift or break. Kleen Skybursts™ are manufactured using a technique that ensures total combustion of the device. This technical evolution will allow these to be used in ways never before possible. 
Low Smoke Lift™ construction includes an all plastic tube, a thin paper seal at the top helps protect against weather and cross ignition. It also incorporates the Gamon Slide System for ease of use.  Your current holding methods are also widely used with Ultratec’s Low Smoke Lift™ products.
If you require something different from what is listed on the website, custom combinations are available. 
Height: 275 - 300 feet
Break Diameter: 55 - 60feet
Lift Time: 3 Seconds

Product # Product Name BAM Number NARCAN-Approved Ex Number
LSSAF20000 Kleen Skyburst 50mm - Gold - Gold Stars 0589-T2-0159 No EX2018072063
LSSAF20010 Kleen Skyburst 50mm - Blue - Blue Stars 0589-T2-0159 No EX2018072063
LSSAF20020 Kleen Skyburst 50mm - Green - Green Stars 0589-T2-0159 No EX2018072063
LSSAF20030 Kleen Skyburst 50mm - Orange - Orange Stars 0589-T2-0159 No EX2018072063
LSSAF20040 Kleen Skyburst 50mm - Pink - Pink Stars 0589-T2-0159 No EX2018072063
LSSAF20050 Kleen Skyburst 50mm - Purple - Purple Stars 0589-T2-0159 No EX2018072063
LSSAF20060 Kleen Skyburst 50mm - Red - Red Stars 0589-T2-0159 No EX2018072063
LSSAF20070 Kleen Skyburst 50mm - White - White Stars 0589-T2-0159 No EX2018072063
LSSAF20080 Kleen Skyburst 50mm - Yellow - Yellow Stars 0589-T2-0159 No EX2018072063
LSSAF20500 Kleen Skyburst 50mm - Gold w/Tail - Gold w/Tail Stars 0589-T2-0159 No EX2018072063
LSSAF20510 Kleen Skyburst 50mm - Blue w/Tail - Blue w/Tail Stars No EX2018072063
LSSAF20520 Kleen Skyburst 50mm - Green w/Tail - Green w/Tail Stars No EX2018072063
LSSAF20530 Kleen Skyburst 50mm - Orange w/Tail - Orange w/Tail Stars No EX2018072063
LSSAF20540 Kleen Skyburst 50mm - Pink w/Tail - Pink w/Tail Stars No EX2018072063
LSSAF20550 Kleen Skyburst 50mm - Purple w/Tail - Purple w/Tail Stars No EX2018072063
LSSAF20560 Kleen Skyburst 50mm - Red w/Tail - Red w/Tail Stars No EX2018072063
LSSAF20570 Kleen Skyburst 50mm - White w/Tail - White w/Tail Stars No EX2018072063
LSSAF20580 Kleen Skyburst 50mm - Yellow w/Tail - Yellow w/Tail Stars No EX2018072063