PyroPak® Preloaded Fireballs create a rising ball of flame with a mushroom cloud of smoke which lasts approx. 3 seconds. The rising fireball is approx. 8' in diameter and 10' high. Recommended vertical clearance is at least 15'. The device is a canister 3 5/8” tall by 2 3/4” diameter. Shake well and secure this device properly before firing. Remove the protective cardboard cap before firing. Do not break or otherwise defeat the plastic covering over the top of the device. This covering normally burns away when the effect is fired. This device leaves the outer canister and an inner cardboard disc after fired. Sold with an electric match installed, standard lead length is 36".

Product # Product Name List
CPPP700 Flashpaper Fireball 10' - 15'
Product # Product Name Tube Details Effect Height Effect Width
CPPP700 Flashpaper Fireball 10' - 15' 1.36IN X 4.5IN / 35MM X 114MM 15 FT/ 4.5M 2 FT/ 0.61M
Product # Product Name BAM Number NARCAN-Approved Ex Number
CPPP700 Flashpaper Fireball 10' - 15' 0589-T1-0387 No EX2008030024